Ekhi Busquet x Larfeuille Paris

I met Ekhi Busquet a few years ago thanks to his father, a great man, committed, journalist and humanist. She was already working on an approach to architecture and design that integrated the challenges of sustainable development.
When I told her about our project, she was immediately enthusiastic about the idea of ​​a collaboration.
Something said done, a few weeks later, Ekhi sends me sketches and illustrations that evoke for her the universe of Don Quixote. The character strongly influenced the creation of our logo :)

Once the illustrations had been imagined, we had to find a way to integrate them into our Maquisard model.


After a few unsuccessful attempts and research, I turned to China ink. Thus, I undertook to reproduce the shapes of Ekhi's drawings by hand, directly on the leather, with a still black China Ink, indelible: like a tattoo!

Thus was born "there are still paradises", this limited series of portfolios, passport holders, with poetic illustrations applied in Indian ink on a blue leather evoking the ocean.

To find out more about Ekhi and his work: https://www.ekhibusquet.com