Larfeuille Paris is above all a project dedicated to social inclusion and sustainability through a particular "hand-made" approach.

Styling and design

We draw part of our inspiration from the elegance and spirit of pocket, everyday and travel objects from the 1950s, trying to bring them a touch of modernity and sensuality.

Our models are at ease in a feminine or masculine wardrobe, or vice versa.
Often minimalist and focused on use, functionality is often the material that gives them a touch of character. It is for this reason that we mainly use vegetable tanned leather and sometimes want to keep some of its "raw" side.

Our way of designing must allow them to be entirely achievable by people without particular qualifications. Our whole model of social integration is thus based on the "handmade".


Manufacturing, lifespan and repairability

Larfeuille production is entirely carried out in our Parisian workshop.
It's a deliberate choice, it allows us to create a short and controlled value chain.

The use of a noble material and a manual production is also an assumed choice that allows us to offer products that last as long as possible.  

Leather being a living material, beyond the incomparable aesthetic aspect conferred on it by time and  patina,  it is also the hand of the craftsman and the care taken in the realization that allows each piece to be unique.  Finally, thanks to manual manufacturing, all models are repairable and we guarantee the seams for 10 years.