My name is Jérôme Auriac, after initial training in the restoration of antique books and twenty years of entrepreneurship in the field of social innovation and sustainable development, I decided in 2019 to create Larfeuille Paris, and thus combine my passion for creation and leather to my expertise in a more responsible economy.

I imagined Larfeuille Paris to bring to life a universe made of reminiscences of my childhood, rock and roll, and a form of elegance linked to the sobriety and the high quality of the materials and products that we wear.

Larfeuille Paris is a brand of quality French leather goods, designed and manufactured 100% by hand in Paris with French vegetable tanned leather as the main raw material. ``

It takes its source in the imagination of the "Forts des Halles", the "bougnats" or stonemasons that were my grandparents, but also in the world of music, architecture, cinema of the 1950s. and 60, Larfeuille has an ambition that is both simple and great at the same time: to restore value to manual labor and production time, to produce, with the least possible negative impact, desirable, high-quality and repairable objects.

* Larfeuille is a slang word (butchers' slang) meaning wallet.

The heart of our project is to reconcile strong convictions and to bring alive values ​​to which we are very attached every day.

Our approach is aware and active on environmental and societal issues
It is above all desirable and integrative from a social point of view.

Time is precious

We believe in the value that manual labor gives to the things we make.

We praise and practice the control of production time at human pace.


Matter is our compass

The availability of materials and the constraints linked to vegetable tanning guide our creations: everything is not possible and we try to make the most of what suppliers can offer.


Wealth is only worth if it's shared

We are convinced that it is possible and even necessary :

  • to be part of the economy while being attentive to the fair remuneration of workers

  • to think about our way of producing in such a way as to limit as much as possible our negative impacts on the environment

  • to raise awareness and involve our customers, friends and partners in this process


It is possible to work with us even if you have no specific training, that you are old and / or away from the job for a long time

We design all our models so that they can be produced by people without special qualifications.

We give ourselves the ability to train and pay people who are far from employment without prejudging their age or their background.


The more we grow, the more our social + value grows.

Our creations are made by hand, we cannot accelerate the pace, which means that we must train / hire if we develop.


"Luxury is what is repairable" JLD Hermès

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