LE MAROQUIN, document / computer case

LE MAROQUIN, document / computer case


Inspired by the ministerial pockets of the 1950s, the Morrocin of today is a simple and refined briefcase, it is also suitable for accommodating a computer up to 15 ".

Its dimensions are 35 cm x 25 cm high.

Customizable: You can have it marked with your initials.

Sewn in saddle stitch with a matching linen thread, it takes on a magnificent patina over time.

Available in Deep Blue, Cardinal Red, Saffron Yellow, Bright Orange, Black and Aston Green.


  • Matière(s)

    Cuir tanné végétal, fil de lin, élastqiue haute résistance, bouton nacre synthétique serti métal

  • Dimensions

    H : 23 cm, L : 34 cm, prof : 2 cm